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What do you look for in a tradesman?

  • Set Price – Would you like to have the price set & fixed?
  • Punctuality –  Do you want your plumber to turn up on time every time, guaranteed?
  • Cleanliness – Do you want your site cleaned after the work is done, leaving no mess?
  • Professionalism – Do you expect your plumber to provide the skill, competence & character expected of a member of their highly trained profession?

Greenstone plumbing will meet and exceed these standards.

High Quality Plumbing Services in Perth

greenstoneWe believe that these qualities are the basic foundations of any project and we aim not only to meet these standards, but to exceed them. We pride ourselves on providing not only excellent service but the wealth of experience gained by over 20 years in the commercial and domestic industries, we are at your service and for your benefit.

Agreed Price

Free quotes and agreed price. We will assess & agree on a price for the job, fixed so you can rest assured you will have no hidden surprises. We will meet or beat any genuine written quote.


We turn up on time every time within an agreed time slot. Guaranteed.


We leave a site clean and tidy, we take our mess away with us so you don’t have to deal with it.


We consider the above to be the basics of professionalism, we also provide our clients with honest & accurate appraisals based on 20 years in the commercial and domestic industries. So you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest possible service with the most accurate quote.

Customer satisfaction is our guarantee. Call us today and speak with one of our friendly staff to discuss your requirements.

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